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Magic of rigid box making machine: the "nurturance record" of high-quality gift box

Release time:[2020-04-24]

    Holiday gift-giving pays attention to customization, how can the quality carton used for packaging fall behind? Exquisite packaging can gilt gifts and give them unique value and charm. For those who want to express their hearts with unique gifts during the festival, the gifts and packaging can be customized at the same time to be perfect.

    The gift box making machine makes the customization of high-quality paper boxes intelligent, efficient and of high quality, so that the printing and packaging equipment factory can climb to the peak when the festival comes, and it takes the market opportunity with its dazzling packaging.

    Next, we will focus on the basic knowledge of gift box making.

    The rigid box, the upper cover and the bottom are separate (except for the upper and lower cover), the handmade gift box is roughly divided into: book-shaped box (also known as package box), world cover box (also known as upper and lower buckle box) , Shaped box

    Production process of book-shaped gift box (bag gift box):

1. Determine the design draft;

2. Confirm samples and place orders for production;

3. Scheduling production materials (face paper, enclosures, internal stickers, bottom paper, cardboard or MDF, inner support materials, etc.);

4. Printing wrapping paper and inner stickers (printing handbags need to be printed if there are matching handbags);

5. Post-process manufacturing (partial processes such as laminating, embossing, over-UV, bronzing, embossing and embossing, die-cutting are selected as required);

6. Box Sawing Sheet:

a. Surrounding paper, printed facial paper, inner stickers, gray cardboard material panels, surrounding boards, and inner support are cut to a predetermined size with a paper cutter (MDF needs to be cut with a professional large saw);

b. Panel processing: V-groove machine opens V-groove, sticking iron sheet;

c. Hoarding processing: punching machine drills magnet holes;

d. Inner support processing: the inner support needs to die-cut the gray board for the gray board, and then stick the cut silk cloth, and the inner support needs to tie the cut silk cloth to the formed foam for the foam;

7. Veneer paper (that is, the cover paper of the panel should be flattened, and the edges should be solid), paste the inner sticker, mount the enclosure (at the same time need to put a magnet);

8. Box assembly (you can choose the glue method according to the needs of the material: brush the original glue on the enclosure and glue the glue gun for assembly. Pay attention to keep the box clean during assembly to avoid leakage of glue affecting the appearance.);

9. Stick bottom paper as needed. (Be careful to keep the box clean);

10. Put the inner tray (the asymmetric upper and lower trays should be placed in different directions);

11. Wipe the box and box it (the process of making the box will take a while, and there will inevitably be floating soil and stains, so we need to wipe the box to finish).

    Production process of rigid box (upper and lower cover box):

The difference between rigid box and book box is that the panel of bag box is divided into front face, top face, back face and bottom by V-slot, and the panel is a box formed by wrapping the enclosure, so it is called bag box.

1. The upper and lower lids and bottoms of the density board materials shall be fixed and dried with white emulsion respectively. (the upper and lower cover boxes of grey paperboard materials can be opened with V-groove of "Jing" character, and the four corners can be removed and fixed directly with adhesive tape)

2. Mount the processed face paper on the top cover and bottom

3. The upper cover and the lower bottom are buckled together to complete the assembly (the upper and lower cover boxes of the integrated upper and lower cover need to be connected with the connecting plate to form the upper and lower cover).

4. Put the inner bracket, wipe the box and pack it.

Production process of special-shaped box: the special-shaped box shall be determined according to the specific box. Most of the special-shaped boxes are the extension of heaven and earth cover box and package box, and the production process is similar. (there are multi angle box, heart box, round box, cone box, drawer box, multi-layer box, etc

    If you are interested in our rigid box making machine, welcome to contact us.

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