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South China International Exhibition Came to A Successful End

Release time:[2015-05-25]

The top and full-range printing and packaging exhibition in China--the 22nd Printing South China was held in Guangzhou during 09 March ~11 March 2015. Dongguan Longxingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd brought the newest development and research achievement-- LS-500 automatic box corner pasting machine and the most popular model LS-F6 rigid box making machine, to attend the exhibition. Longxingsheng attracted lots of attention because of machines' good quality, high efficiency and environment-friendly.

The vice governor of Guangdong Province and the director of Guangdong Provincial Radio and Television Bureau came to our stand to guide the work. They encouraged us to develop the technology and promote the industry's automation level.

Longxingsheng keeps moving and always devotes to provide our customers with carefree solution for box making process.


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