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        Jiarun Electric Appliance


        Jiarun Electric Appliance





        Hangzhou jiarun electric appliance co., LTD was established in 2006, which is located at the bank of puyang river with beautiful scenery and the beautiful west lake of international tourist resort in the east.

        Company's existing production base of 8000 square meters, up and down through the company to the joint efforts of the careful management, now has high-speed punch 9 units, a painting line, die-casting machine 4 units, two end cover machines, all kinds of size punch more than 70 sets have many high technology and industry experience in research and development personnel, and have a large number of each type plate product precision mould advanced equipment, exquisite technology, to provide a reliable guarantee of product quality.

        Since its establishment, the company has been cooperating with major domestic and foreign electrical manufacturing enterprises and stamping demand suppliers for a long time. The company's products have been recognized and trusted by all partners, and the company also undertakes processing of incoming materials.

        The company has been adhering to the credibility, the pursuit of the best customer value for the purpose, quality and efficiency to survive, to service reputation for development wholeheartedly welcome the majority of users, friends from all walks of life to negotiate cooperation.


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